Which countries are dumping the dollar and why? (RT.com)

I was interviewed among other experts for this article that has been published on RT.com.  The European Union is considering switching payments from the US dollar to the euro after Washington threatened to target European firms working in Iran, according to reports. The measure may help the EU to retain one of the world’s largest … Continue reading

Donald Trump and global order: disruption or continuity?

The picture is reassuring. The Ministers of Finance of the twenty largest economies in the world, together with the Managing Director of the IMF, display a perfunctory smile. But despite this reassuring impression, the G20 Finance Ministers meeting that was held in Baden Baden, in Germany, marks the end of an era. It signals a … Continue reading

Interview on Saudi TV Al-Ikhbariya on the outlook for the global economy and capital markets

The West and the Rest in a multipolar world

When Nassim Taleb, the ex-trader turned philosopher, used the metaphor of the Black swan in his eponymous essay published in 2007, to describe events whose probability of occurrence was so ridiculous by conventional theories that they  were almost entirely ruled out by economists and financial markets, he could have barely anticipated the success of this metaphor as it came … Continue reading